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Add Company instead of Add User

We are a smaller company using this software. Actually I just finished up installing it. So far, it's pretty awesome. I would like to know, when you create a  new ticket you have to add a User or find out. Instead of forcing to add user or company, is their a way to do the same thing company?

Also, I added the company name field in the ticket template, is there a way to make this field searchable when your trying to search for a user/company?


  • Hello,

    During ticket creation > IF* member do not exist before or never have open ticket then it would be created at first ticket opened by the client/visitor or opened by you.

    Yes the field is searchable, you are able to search with name of whom submitted ticket , use their email , phone number etc.

    Hope this help you, I AM not Osticket folks just trying to help you as a user of Osticket
  • If you add a field (like company) in Admin panel -> manage -> forms -> Contact Information.
    You can search for it using the search box.
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