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removing open a ticket option

I am using the software as a test right now to see how it works as a status checker for my powersports dealership. I am opening the tickets myself with customers information and then they get sent the email. When they click on there ticket number, they can view there current status on there atv repair.

1) Since I am creating the tickets, I want to remove the option to "open new ticket" on top and bottom of the index.php file and other pages. I don't want customers creating tickets. Only me (ill go to the open.php page manually)

2) I want to add a live chat link on the index and view.php files.   what file would I copy the link to???

I have dreamweaver, but don't know what page/pages to edit. I looked at the index.php but don't see open a ticket txt/link in that file??? pleaseeee help!



  • I was able to find and remove the link on bottom that says if you lost your password create a new ticket... mainly need to know how to remove the open a ticket link on top of the login/index/view.php page. thank u!
  • The big link in the middle of the page is located in /index.php on line 32.

    The one at the top of the page is put there by /include/client/ which on line 65-67 dynamically generates the second menu which includes the open ticket link. The link is generated by the getNavLinks() function which is located in /include/class.nav.php.  You should be able to comment out the lines that make the open ticket links.

  • awesome..ty will take a look. :)
  • one more questions ntozier.  the index.php in the main directly?? line 32 has a } only. Here is #28-36
        //XXX: For now we're assuming the user is the ticket owner. The main link i want to remove is the open tickets on the grey bar. 

        // (multi-view based on auth token will come later).
        if($user && $user->getTicketID()==trim($_GET['t']))
            @header('Location: tickets.php?id='.$user->getTicketID());

    //Simply redirecting to tickets.php until multiview is implemented.

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