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Integrate osticket to AD for login.

we are using osticket for our helpdesk , it working fine , but we need to address some security issues .

1)  I need to integrate osticket with AD , so that users can login with their AD credentials .  I saw a plugin for AD integration but for tht  i need to create users in osticket and it only validates password . i have 400 users in AD whick makes the task tedicious .

2) Need the users/groups should have access to only their tickets , not of other tickets.
3) While viewing the ticket status , it needs to be authenticated  against a password instead of ticket number and email .

I have not found a solutions for the above issues , let me know if anyone has  solutions for this .



  • 1.8.1 will introduce Staff LDAP/AD authentication via a plugin.  The developer preview release is currently available.

    1. There was a mod by the same person that imports user from AD into osTicket.

    3. Client LDAP/AD authentication is slated for 1.8.2 I believe and is a ways away.
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