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Needing a little help directing to mysql

Hey all i am looking to run another instance (copy all files) of osTicket. I have copied over, and everything works well (somehow) but what i need to do is point the copy to a different SQL server.   I am assuming there is a way to do this, because i found the below when setting up the current version of osTicket that i have. can someone please help point me in the right direction.  I would rather not do a fresh install because of the amount of PHP work i had to do to get it up and running (and i am not that good at PHP) and probably do not remember everything.

The code i am looking for (where does this live)  Of course the XXXXX are changed for my protection


Thanks to any help i can get!


  • The file you are looking for is ost-config.php. It is located in the OSTICKET_INSTALL_PATH/include folder.
  • Awesome!  thanks so much.  I could not for the life of me find that!

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