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Email Fetch Fallback

I have downloaded and installed osTicket and I currently testing.  I have configured the fetch email and everything is working as expected except in the following scenario.

A dummy customer is using a browser based email client which does not seem to populate the references field in the email header.  Consequently the replies are treated as new support tickets - not ideal.

So a couple of questions:

1. Is it possible to activate a fall back, so when the references field is not populated, the body of the email/subject line is scanned to see if this may relate to an existing ticket, especially if the sender email address already exists in the DB.

2. Is there a way of allocating the new ticket so that it can be merged with an existing support ticket?

osTicket Versionv1.8.0.2
Server SoftwareApache/2.4.4 (Win32) OpenSSL/0.9.8y PHP/5.4.19
PHP Version5.4.19
MySQL Version5.5.32
PHP Extensions

gdlibUsed for image manipulation and PDF printing

imapUsed for email fetching

xmlUsed for HTML email processing and XML API

jsonImproves performance creating and processing JSON

gettextImproves performance for non US-English configurations

mbstringHighly recommended for non western european language content

Everything else looks pretty good so far and we like the intuitive way that osTicket has been built.


  • Try adding the ticket number to the subject line.

    There is no merge features at this time.
  • Thank you for your help.  I will try and if still a problem post back.
  • That seems to have resolved the issue. Maybe its worth providing the ticket number in the subject line by default, which would have the added benefit of allowing a user with multiple open tickets to see at a glance which emails relate to which ticket when looking at their in box. Thanks for the replies.
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