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Change who receives Stale Ticket emails

Hi there,

I've inherited an OS Ticket setup. How can I change who receives the Stale Ticket emails?
Currently there's more people receiving them than required.




  • Admin Panel -> Settings -> Alerts & Notices, "Overdue Ticket Alert"
  • snl54's response is accurate. :)

    Admin panel -> Settings -> Alerts and Notices
    Scroll down and locate the "Overdue Ticket Alert"
  • that's great, but I think this feature needs a little more granularity.  

    We want departments and their managers to receive new ticket alerts.  And we want departments, managers and directors/someone-above-managers to receive the stale ticket alerts.

    it makes total sense for the team and manager to receive new ticket and stale ticket alerts
    their bosses, however, only need to receive stale ticket alerts

    new feature request?  maybe each users has an "escalation" or "stale ticket" option, like team membership.  Or, even better, a matrix for which departments (?) and which type of messages each user receives

    In the user screen

    New Ticket New Message New Internal Note Ticket Assigment Alert Ticket Transfer Alert Overdue Ticket Alert
    Department 1 x x x
    Department 2 x x x x x
    Department 3 x

    Whaddya think?

  • I think that this appears to be a hijacked thread, and that you should probably post your ideas to the Suggestions and Feedback section of the forum. :)
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