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Adding custom columns, feilds

Hi All,

I've upgraded my ticketing system 1.6 ST to 1.8.02 (Latest ST). With the old system I had some customized columns on tickets list view, and some additional fields on the single ticket view and I had to edit some class files also. As a example I had "man hour", "Priority Number" columns on ticket list view. Also had "comments" field on single ticket view.
After the upgrade I lost these customizations and also noticed I couldn't easily import my old code changes to the new system due to the code's complexity.

So I'd like to ask if anyone knows about any inbuilt functionality to easily make additional columns fields? Or doing it in the old way make seance?
If there’s a solution, it would be great anybody can point me how to use it



  • Admin Panel -> Manage -> Ticket Details, Form Fields  

  • Ok so once I've created my custom field how do I get it to show up as a column?

  • There is no way currently to do this in the UI.  You would have to edit the php files and there are several posts in the mods and customization sections of the forums.  You will need a working knowledge of php/html to make the changes.  I imagine that this functionality will be added to core in the future however I do not know when.
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