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Email as username?

Hello, under my old version of osticket, 1.6, and 1.7, I had been giving my users their email address as their usernames, but since upgrading to 1.8, even though it did import my old usernames, it won't let me modify their accounts without stripping their email address down to just a username. This means that to update an account, I have to contact the user and then walk them through logging into their account and recording their new login info.

I would far rather disable this new functionality, LOL. Is there an option or a hack that I've missed, that would fix this for me? That would be a great help!

Thanks for any ideas!



  • usernames in osT have always been emails... so I'm not real sure what you mean.  You can edit a clients contact information by viewing a ticket they opened.  Click on their name.  Click on their name in the popup.  This will also let you edit their email address also.
  • For Staff to be able to use their email address as username I had to change line 176 in class.validator.php.
    Add the @ symbol.

    function is_username($username, &$error='') {
            if (strlen($username)<2)
                $error = 'At least two (2) characters';
            elseif (!preg_match('/^[\w.@_-]+$/', $username))
                $error = 'Username contains invalid characters';
            return $error == '';
  • @wingnut - We already support logging in using either username or email. Fails me to see the need to enter email as a username.
  • Did not know that - Sure makes things easier. Thank you.
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