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1.6 to 1.8.02 db update error

error image attached

updating db ... 
error ocurreed. Aborting...
Something went wrong S(

any suggestions?


  • I do not see an image.
    Are you sure you were running 1.6 and not one of the dpr or rc's for 1.6?  If you were then update to 1.6ST first then try upgrading to 1.8.  Also you haven't provided us with any information about your server.  Please read and following the posting guidelines located in this thread: please read before requesting assistance.  If the upgrader failed there should be an entry in your php error log.
  • I'm sorry, rush and my poor written English
    osTicket versión: (v1.6 ST)
    XAMPP v3.1.0 (Windows Server 2003 R2 Std Editiion SP2)
    PHP ver: 5.4.7
    MySQL ver: 5.5.27
    Apache ver: 2.4.3

    I try to attach the image again
    Tonight I will try first upgrading to 1.8 and if it fails I will to 1.7.5
    I have lost the logs since I deleted the updated VM
  • I don´t know why I can not upload the screenshot.  
    The first part of the upgrade go finel, the problem is ... "Applying updates to database strem:core"
    "[core] Upgrade to f4da0c9b" ...
    The exact message is: 
    Error ocurred. Aborting...
    Please wait.. while we upgrade your OSTicket installation!
    Something went wrong" 

  • Could you post the database error posted to your system logs?
  • No, I can't. 
    I had to put the system in operation and I deleted the VM where had updated osticket.
    Thank you
  • Hello again
    Ffirst I have updated to version 1.7.5. (no problems) and later to the version, this time without problems.
    I am now checking if everything works properly.
    Thank you for your help
  • Glad to be of assistance. :)  I'm going to close this thread since you appear to be all set.  If you should run into any further issues please feel free to post again.
This discussion has been closed.