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HTML signatures

Hi all

is there a way to put HTML signatures in with images so it would look the same as what we have in our company outlook email.

Does not seem to take any tables properly into the signature box

Thanks in advance


  • Not at this time.
  • We do support HTML on signatures. The WYSIWYG editor is in air mode - simply double click and you'll get a tool bar to popup.
  • Hi guys--when I do that I can't edit the raw HTML part--eg. in my signature I want to have a table (is that possible).

    I know I can edit the raw HTML in the email there a way to do the same in the signature field?
  • The tool bar does not have that as an option, so no.
  • You can always paste raw HTML directly into the database.

    For Department Signatures:

    Table Name: ost_department
    Field: dept_signature

    For Staff Signatures:

    Table Name: ost_staff
    Field: signature

    I was able to successfully paste the HTML version of all our staff and department signatures directly into the database and they display as expected.

    For whatever reason the html editor in redactor does not save properly when editing via the air toolbar.  This was the only workaround I found.

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