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Parse error at logout

Hi there,

I did an upgrade from to

After the upgrade I was able to login without any errors except the DB 1582 error, that I solved with the corrected ajax.reports.php from Github.

But when I try to logout, I get the following error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' in /www/htdocs/XXXXXXXX/scp/logout.php on line 24 , (where XXXXXXXX ist my account number at my hoster)

I checked the logout.php, but did not find any errors in that file.

Who can help?

Thanks in advance.

Joachim Scholtysik


  • Please post line 24 from /www/htdocs/XXXXXXXX/scp/logout.php

  • Hi ntozier,

    this is line 24 of logout.php:

                $thisstaff->getUserName(), $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'])); //Debug.


    Joachim Scholtysik
  • I have 22-25

    $ost->logDebug('Staff logout',
            sprintf("%s logged out [%s]",
                $thisstaff->getUserName(), $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'])); //Debug.

    does your match this?
  • edited February 2014
    Hi ntozier,

    no, logout.php contains the following lines:


        Log out staff
        Destroy the session and redirect to login.php

        Peter Rotich <>
        Copyright (c)  2006-2013 osTicket

        Released under the GNU General Public License WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.
        See LICENSE.TXT for details.

        vim: expandtab sw=4 ts=4 sts=4:
    //Check token: Make sure the user actually clicked on the link to logout.
    if(!$_GET['auth'] || !$ost->validateLinkToken($_GET['auth']))
        @header('Location: index.php');

                $thisstaff->getUserName(), $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'])); //Debug.
    @header('Location: login.php');
    ?> was a german translation of osTicket from, the upgrade to also.


    Joachim Scholtysik
  • There is no official German version of osT.  I do not know who that is, but is not us.  I recommend that you communicate with them for support.
  • Ok, thanks.

    Are there any plan when a multilanguage version of osTicket will see the light?


  • Hi Joachim

    I've experienced the same troubles with the logout.
    What i did was:
    • Take the original file from the english installation
    • Overwrite the one in my installation folder.

    After that the logout worked successfully.



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