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Custom lists and forms with multiple selections osticket 1.8


I modified osticket v1.6 to be able to do the following. I wondered if it is possible to do this, without modification of the code, in 1.8.

I would like to be able to:

1. Configure the ticket form so that multiple selections may be made from custom lists and all of these selections to be required
2. Define a custom list where the values are taken from a table in another database. We have around 150 customers and I want a customer field on the ticket form where users may select values from the customer names stored in another database.


  • Not currently via the UI.

    You would have to edit the source and have a working understanding of PHP/MySQL.
  • I have done that in our osticket 1.6ST installation. I was wondering if it was going to be possible to do this as standard in v1.8.

    Thanks for your reply. The customer list is quite straight forward to do. The multiple, "required" selections is a bit more difficult but I've got all my code.
  • The system logs are reporting that "The AttachmentMigrater task reports there is work to do". Doers that mean I just have to wait?

  • Sorry, my last post was to the wrong discussion.

    I have set up new lists and incorporated these in the new and edit ticket forms OK. However, how do I include these in the customers "Open a new ticket" form (../include/client/

  • Go to:
    Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms -> Ticket Details
    add the form field to the bottom. 
    Select the type as your Custom List.
    Choose if its internal use only.
    Choose if its required.
    Assign it a variable name.
    Click "Save Changes"
  • Ok. That's fine thanks. I had internal checked for each of my custom fields which is why I could not see them on the client's form.

  • Hello SF395
    Did you ever manage to select multiple options in the 1.8 version?
    I'm modifying the code to do so, but I can't figure out in which file(s) this is being done.
    I changed the class.form.php in the includ folder but that's not it though, can you point me to the right direction.
  • I have only done this with my own bespoked code. I gather that dynamic lists only allow single selections.

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