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user_id null when creating a ticket from email [SOLVED]

The first time a ticket is created through email, it creates a ticket in TICKET_TABLE whith the corresponding user_id number

The second time a ticket is created through email by the same user, it creates the ticket with user_id = null

I found the problem, in "class.ticket.php" line 2276, in the statement:

it uses:

instead of:

Please, include this fix in the next release of osTicket
Thanks, Mariano


  • If you can replicate this behavior I would recommend that you open an issue on github.

    Also, moving thread to Troubleshooting and Problems as it doesn't appear to be Suggestions or Feedback.
  • That fix doesn't make any sense to me. The getId() method, defined in class.user.php, line 54, returns $this->id; so it should effectively be the same as $user->id.
  • I wrote  $user->id  and  $user->getId()   values just before the INSERT, and they had different values (only getId() had a value  and id was 0)

    The $user object is created in class.ticket.php, line 2117

    In class.client.php, line 123
        static function lookupByEmail($email) {
            if (!($user=User::lookup(array('emails__address' => $email))))
                return null;
            return new EndUser($user);

    the email already exists in the DB, so it creates an EndUser instance
    In class.client.php, line 185
        function getId() {
            //We ONLY care about user ID at the ticket level
            if ($this->user instanceof Collaborator)
                return $this->user->getUserId();
            return $this->user->getId();
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