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OsTicket 1.6 ST - Object XMLHttpRequest popup

When using the latest Chrome (Windows and Linux) and Opera (v19 on Windows - latest Linux Opera and v12.* on Windows are both OK) I get a popup saying:

The page at <my url> says:

[object: XMLHttpRequest]

I can click the Ok button on the pop-up and no functionaility is affected. I am upgrading to 1.8 but as I have several patches that I must apply this will take some time so, in the meantime, is there a fix/work around for this?



  • This is osticket 1.6 ST
  • 1.6 is ancient, and browser technologies have changed since its release almost 4 years ago.
    I would recommend that you upgrade to a more current version as 1.6 is no longer really supported.

    That being said someone else brough up something similar on the forums previously in the 1.6 section of the forums. Please read:

    moving thread to 1.6 section of forums.
  • Thanks. I do realise that 1.6 is "ancient" but I have made many bespoke changes to our current 1.6 installation and it's going to be some time before I can make a 1.8 system live. Thus I was hoping for a fix while I upgrade.

    I believe I've come across the link you sent before and it seems to be the case that the fix(es) proposed break other functionality.

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