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Email and DNS

Hi I seem to be having an issue getting email delivered to one of our internal exchange servers.  Long story short I was told to enter a new host under /etc/hosts to point to the internal emails ip address, which I have done. If I now try and ping or telnet to that URL things work rather than getting connection refused, however if I open a new ticket or use the mail diagnostic within osTicket I still am showing the mail trying to go to the external IP and not the Internal IP I had to setup through /etc/hosts
Any Ideas where to look or how to fix this? I hope I made some sense in the above lol

Thanks for the assitance


  • Admin panel -> Emails -> your email -> SMTP Host
  • Doesn't that set the host of the Mail Transport Agent? I can deliver to external mail servers no problem (yahoo / gmail / personal mail server at home) it's only when trying to deliver to a mail server located in our internal network.
    So [this is an example of the address] points to a local address setup in /etc/hosts and if I am on the CLI and enter ping it referes to the internal IP that was setup in /etc/hosts but OS ticket still tries to send mail to it's external DNS entry and what looks like bypassing the internal DNS entries in /etc/host
  • You can specify what server you want to send mail through via name or IP address.  After that its up to your MTA's to route the mail where ever.

    You may have also specified your mail server in your php.ini.
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    The issue isn't with the server that is sending the mail it's when it goes to send mail to it's going to the external 206.x.x.x address rather than the internal 192.168.x.x address. How would I get it osticket to recognize that is on the 192. rather than it's external if not through /etc/hosts.

    The internal mail server sending the mail works great it's just getting it to recognize that isn't at the 206.x.x.x address but at the 192.168.x.x address.

    Thanks for the help BTW
  • osTicket sends mail how you tell it to.  Either using PHP Mail (i.e. the local webservers SMTP as configured in your php.ini) or using SMTP (configured in Admin panel -> Emails -> your email -> SMTP Host).  Once the mail is sent to that server how you route it really has nothing to do with osTicket. You can specify whatever IP address you want in either place.  Obv if you're using a server name or FQDN PHP will attempt to do DNS resolution based on the DNS servers that your server is configured with. I cannot speak for how PHP resolves DNS. If you want to change where your mail is getting set to then change the SMTP name/IP.
  • Well the server is set to localhost so osTicket is delivering to the MTA on the same server osTicket is installed on which is the same server that has the entry in /etc/hosts. All other email deliveries work just not that one domain. So then I guess according to what your saying the question becomes how to get postfix to recognize the internal DNS entry rather than the external? Cause Ping and Telnet and SSH recognize this using the /etc/hosts file which from what your saying osTicket and the Email client don't?
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