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LDAP Authentication and Lookup - LDAP Extension not available


I upgraded my previous installation v1.8.0.2 to v1.8.1.
The plugin ldap has been downloaded and put in the include/plugin folder.
And it is now available in the plugin part of the SCP.

I configured it as below and it does not work:

Default domain:
DNS servers: ip address of our main DNS server

LDAP servers: (I also tried with the ip address)

Search user:\administrator
Password: administrator password

Search base: CN=Users,DC=domainname,DC=COM

And when I try to save I obtain on the top of the page: LDAP extension is not available

Very strange, any idea?


  • It literally means that the LDAP extension is not available to PHP.  You will need to change the php.ini to load it. How to do this literally depends on what OS your running.

    For *nix systems you can from CLI run "sudo apt-get install php5-ldap"
    (or use your preferred package manager to install it)

    For windows systems you need to make sure that you have the extension.  It should be in your PHP5/ext folder.  If its not there you will need to get the version that corresponds with the version you have installed from [or alternatively you could upgrade your version of PHP]  And then go into your php.ini and add or uncomment this:


  • Thank you Boss.
    It is really better, I have to make the good configuration now.

    My PHP version is 5.5 and the extension php_ldap.dll was already present in the ext folder but not in the php.ini file.

    Thanks again.
  • Very welcome alex_del! :)  I'm going to close this thread since your all set, but please feel free to post again should you have another question.
This discussion has been closed.