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How to disable New Activity Notice emails ?


After upgrade to 181 I recognize the sytem sends notice emails to senders on activity. 

there is  New Activity Notice email template in the email templates area but there is no disable option in Alerts and Notices

Screenshoots below. What is the problem ? 



  • Do you mean Admin panel -> Settings -> Autoresponder -> New Message?
  • no,

    I just want to close "new activity notice" emails. 

    I get some emails while ticket activity, I see the template in email templates. But there is no option to close it. 

  • So you're saying that you want to disable Collaborators?  There is no way to do that using the UI at this time.

    Individually if you want to not email them though you can uncheck the check box to the right of "Collaborators".  Or you could remove them as a collaborator.  To remove them as a collaborator from that ticket:

    View the ticket.
    Click on Recipients (X of X).
    to theright of their name and email click the x.
    Click Save changes.
  • Ok, I understand. 

    Thank you for answer.
  • So I looked at this again a few minutes ago and if you are comfortable altering the code you can make that check box default to not checked.  [note: this change will be lost the next time that you upgrade.]

    locate /include/staff/
    on line 452 locate:
    <?php echo ((!$info['emailcollab'] && !$errors) || isset($info['emailcollab']))?'checked="checked"':''; ?>


    Which results in the line looking like this:
    <?php echo ((!$info['emailcollab'] && !$errors) || isset($info['emailcollab']))?'':''; ?>
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