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How can i answer to a ticket via email

(osTicket 1.7.1 installed)

Hello, i did set up succesfully email fetching and  and now a user Joe can:

1) Open a ticket by sending an email to
2) Reply to staff ticket updates by replying to

However i can't reply to user joe by email. I am receiving an email like the following but if i reply to that email a new ticket is created: I would like to be able to reply to user Joe by email. My reply should be appended to the ticket and emailed to joe. How can i configure osticket to do that?



subject: New Ticket Alert


New ticket #316606 created.
Name: ********************
Email: ********************
Dept: 1 - Generic Support


To view/respond to the ticket, please login to the support ticket system.

- Your friendly Customer Support System - powered by osTicket.



  • (SOLVED) by upgrading to 1.7.6
  • 1.7.6 is a little old at this point.  I would recommend that you update to the 1.8.x tree.  I am glad that you solved your problem however. :)  I'm gong to close this thread but please feel free to start another if you have another question,
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