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Spanish version of OSticket

edited February 2014 in General Discussions
Hi, there. I want to use OSticket for all our technical support at our HighSchool System, here in México. Because, OSTicket is the Help desk tool we need. I saw all documentation but nothing related with the OSticket Interntionalization. However, I saw a webpage where I could find several languages to apply into OSticket. However, there is not information about how to do that.

Anybody can help me?

Thanks in Advance



  • The international version has not been released yet.  Version 1.8.1 is phase I of integration.  Full integration is currently expected to be completed in version 1.9.

    For more information about what Phase I means please see the "New! Multi-Lingual Support, Phase 1" section of the blog post at:
  • Hi, ntozier, thanks for faster reply.

    Thanks. I will join to the Language translation procedure.

  • Fantastic!  We appreciate all the help we can get on that. :)
  • Hello, 

    please speed up the approval of the translations:

    I helped translating but I think I should not be involved on the approval of my own translations :D

  • Hi ibanfernandez2,
    I granted someone permissions to do the approving job yesterday. Please note that the strings currently in Crowdin are not the full translation. Initial data only. Phase 2 of this project will handle the client and staff site translations. This will require your translation effort again :-)

    Until then: not approved/proofreaded strings will be included in the translation. Automatically the translated string with the most votes will be picked and put in a language pack.

    Hope this helped :) Please be patient! This is a major change in osTicket! Could take some time :-)
  • wow, good workflow, thanks!

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