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Ticket Assigning

edited February 2014 in General Discussions

I am a bit confused about automatic ticket assigning to a Department. I want to use osticket v1.8.1 as an internal help desk for users in my company to open tickets on technical issues.

I notice the way to assign ticket to a osticket-department group is by HELP TOPIC. All tickets in the end should assign to our technician but we have 1 manager asking that tickets opened by his department will first assign to him and then he will forward it to our technician.

How this can be achieved since in both cases (users form his department or other departments) using the same HELP TOPIC which there you can define only 1 department.

also how can i create ticket filters base on custom fields i created?



  • There are a number of ways to assign tickets to departments.

    Admin panel -> Settings -> Default Department

    Admin panel -> Emails -> each email -> New Ticket Dept.

    Admin panel -> Manage Help Topics -> each help topic -> Department

    Admin panel -> Manage -> Ticket Filters -> each ticket filter

    There are less ways to assign tickets to people.

    Admin panel -> Manage Help Topics -> each help topic -> Auto-assign To

    Admin panel -> Manage -> Ticket Filters -> each ticket filter -> Auto-assign To

    If one of those do not suit your use case then there is no way to do what you are asking in the UI.  If you feel that you have a legitimate use case outside of the scope of those provided please feel free to post a suggestion to the devs on github or the Feebback and Suggestion section of the forums.
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