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Knowledge Base Segregation?

Multiple departments will be using our osTicket installation.  IT for helpdesk, Facilities for maintenance requests and our Lending department for whatever they need it for.  We do not want our Internal IT KB available for the other departments, and I don't see a way to limit access based on department membership.  Am I not looking in the correct spot, or is this not possible?  

osTicket 1.8.1
IIS 8.5
PHP 5.5.8
MySQL 5.5.36


  • We also have a public KB that we want our users to have access to (without logging in) from the "open a ticket" landing page.  I've enabled the KB and created multiple articles, but the KB is not there.
  • There is no way to segregate the internal kbs by department at this time.

    > I've enabled the KB and created multiple articles, but the KB is not there.

    Then I think that you did something wrong. I've had this working for since it was added to osTicket.  With out you providing some settings of how you setup it up etc I don't think that we can actually do much to help you.  You may want to read this article: HELP: setting up and using FAQS in osticket 1.7RC6.  While the version is older, it hasn't really changed since then and should still be pertinent.
  • Sorry for awakening an old post, but, I'm also looking for the same feature as per the subject mentioned.
  • Us too. Especially if my "departments" are actually different companies or organizations
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