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Internal use only

edited February 2014 in Mods and Customizations
I installed this version rather than the current version because I did not have access to php 5.3.8.
I also did not want to use email, but rather just have users sign in and see their tickets.
I set the ticket numbering sequence to sequential.
Each user entered a first ticket that essentially says never close me.
I modified line 28 in login.php
    28          //@header('Location: tickets.php?id='.$user->getTicketID());
    29          @header('Location: tickets.php');          
And now the users have the same password every time (the first ticket they entered) and when they log in, they go to the ticket summary screen instead of the actual ticket.


  • Well it was my first post. It seems to be in the wrong area, and should refer to release 1.7
  • Post moved to 1.7 section of the Mods and Customizations for you. :)
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