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php changes go unaccounted for...?

Dear forum members,

As a newbie is assume everything is going quite alright. Email is setup, piping works, got multiple email accounts up and running, edited /drafted some SLA's etc. All works great.

However I tried to change my header (logo) and footer (just change osTicket to MyCompany). I edited the following locations in my local_host:

"logo" href="<?php echo ROOT_PATH; ?>index.php" title="Your Holiday Center"><img src="<?php echo ASSETS_PATH; ?>images/********.jpg" border=0 alt="Support Center"
Strange thing here is that A) there are no pictures in my home/****/public_html/support/pictures at all? Am I missing something here? Also I have uploaded the picture to home/****/public_html/support/pictures accordingly but all the page shows is a broken / logo unavailable notification?

With regards to:
Here everything works great, just wondering if it is possible to get rid of Powered by osTicket button to really white label it?

Thank you for any response to my questions below. It is highly appreciated!



  • Go to: Admin panel -> Settings -> Company
    Allows you to change your logo.  No source edits needed.

    You can get rid of the powered by osTicket in the footer if you want to.
  • Hello Ntozier,

    Thank you for your kind response! I have tried to follow your lead and Admin panel -> Settings I can find. There is no mention about Company anywhere. 

    Should I activate this somewhere? I looked around quite extensively but I am not able to find out how to do this.

    Thank you again,

  • If you are running the current version of osTicket its here:

  • Thank you for that, I am running osTicket (v1.7.0) and have no idea how to update since I installed it through Cpanel with my hosting provider.
  • Then you posted this in the wrong section of the forums.  I'll move it to the 1.7.x section. 

    How to upgrade it located here:
    Its for your version to an older version but the steps still apply to current versions.

    The official Upgrade and Migration docs are located here:

    Some brief instructions are located here:
    And are also located in the in the distribution archive.

  • Hi Ntozier,

    The upgrade has been successful! Thank you for your kind suggestions. Also I have been able to change the image accordingly. Thanks again.

    As you seem very knowledgeable about osTicket I was wondering if you are available for a customization project I am keen on doing? I have emailed the osTickit team for a proposal over a week ago and they still have not responded, so...... 

    With all regards,

  • I may be able to assist (or point you to someone else who can) please PM me the details of what your looking to get done.  Sadly, I've very very very busy [multiple jobs] so I may not have the time.
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