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Customer/End User Authentication (Local, LDAP/AD)

Hello everyone, 

Well firstly let me just start off by saying that osTicket is fantastic software! Really great job! I feel that it is exactly in the correct path, not trying to do too much and so always being true to its original intent, of creating a simple to use and manage helpdesk/ticketing system, which it is, and what a brilliant solution it is. 

I in the meantime, have been for the last 2 months analysing, testing, etc all solutions out there. My last test was with OTRS, which is also very impressive but I feel it is more directed to very big support centers, with various departments, agent levels, etc. Also it is extremely hard to configure exactly as one wants and until you manage such a task you will have needed to learn all the inner workings of the solution.

Now, even thou osTicket is brilliant, I do have a few gripes/suggestions/comments. My primary concern is in regards to customer authentication but firstly let me detail a few concepts.

So for types of user's I always have two:
- Agents - Support staff who actually respond and solve tickets
- Customers - End users who open tickets

Currently osTicket has a very simple authentication mechanism, in which only agents are authenticated at the backend level.Agents can be created locally on the database itself or alternatively via the LDAP/AD plugin. Customer on the other had have no authentication, the Customer Portal is basically a public portal where one can open tickets and consult previous tickets. This for me is immediately a problem. Firstly having such a portal open to the outside world is simply not acceptable and also have the customer search for tickets via the ID simply negates the entire functionality, because I very much doubt customer will know ticket numbers by heart, meaning they would have to search for the email and if doing so they would then not require to consult the ticket in the customer portal. To be honest the customer portal is simply unusable at its current state. With a login (local account or via LDAP/AD) one could provide customers with a quick and simple access to all their ticket history, providing views for open, closed and possibly even for those tickets that weren't opened by the person itself but when they had been included in CC, so say another view for "copied" tickets. 

Now what would be ideal in terms of options would be the following:

1. Agent login (Local/LDAP) and no login for Customer
2. Agent login (local/LDAP) and Customer (local/LDAP)

So basically have the option to either create customer account of have the LDAP/AD plugin the ability to filter for agents and for customer. So Agents would be all the users belonging to a specific group whilst customers would be all the rest, may-be the OU=Users.

My other concern, although very minor, is the visual look for the customer portal. To be honest I don't like how it looks, I think primarily because of the menu bar and the 3D kind os aspect to it. Anyways, this is obviously a very personal opinion and don't really think this is of much concern.

Authentication for Agents and Customers via Local accounts of LDAP Groups, now that would definitely make this solution a winner!

Once again, congrats on the work, even thou I have concerns I am thinking of how I could possibly overcome these.



  • All of the things that you have mentioned here area already in the pipeline and being worked on.
  • That is indeed great news. I asked because unfortunately I can't seem to find any roadmap or planned next version features. 

    Do you know if there is any planned released date for the next version?
  • Sorry we do not publish planned release dates.  I will say that I wouldn't be surprised though if the next version was out later this month or early next month.  But that is speculation on my part and not based on any insider information. :)
  • Very good ;) I shall wait and see :) 
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