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Prevent emails to client

I am setting up osTicket to create tickets when it receives an email from an automated system. The reply to address for the email does not have an actual mailbox, it's just a made up address that indicates the source of the ticket. Since the client email address is not valid, when update emails are sent to the client an undeliverable message is generated, which in turn creates a new ticket based off of that email. Is it possible to disable emails being sent to the client since there is no real client in this scenario?


  • I'm not aware of any way to do this utilizing the ui.
  • Maybe you can create a dedicated rule in Manage > Ticket filters.
    Specify the email address of the sender.
    An disable the auto-response when receive a mail from this email address.

  • That might do it actually. :)
  • Is auto-response just the email that confirms that a ticket was created or does that entail all email notifications for a ticket?
    I ended up going into the code and adding a line that said if the email address matches a particular format, don't send it. Probably not the best idea, but it does appear to be doing what I wanted..
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