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Web submission thank you not providing ticket number

As a test, I created a ticket using the web form and not sending an email to support@ to have the ticket created automatically. 

Here was the text on the thank you page: 

Thank you for contacting us.

A support ticket request #XXXXXX has been created and a representative will be getting back to you shortly if necessary.

Support Team

It really says: #XXXXXX (i.e., that wasn't me disguising the ticket number for privacy reasons). 

Where do I look to make sure that's being populated correctly? 

FWIW - the system did send an email with the ticket number 450090. The email body was also not blank like the automated version... so obviously something in my rewrite of class.mailfetch.php is causing the blank messages. Anyone know where in class.mailfetch.php the message body is generated?


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