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basic questions about theme creation

I have a few questions for 1.8.1 that may seem redundant and general, sorry I have searched a bit, but if someone can give me some links that I might have missed, I'd appreciate it. In a nutshell, I'm in the middle of trying to theme OSTIcket to match my site, I'm editing core files to do so (which i know is wrong), and since there doesn't seem to be an editable mobile friendly version out, I'm trying to adjust forms, just on the client side, so they don't have to 'sideways scroll' as much.

1. Is there a guide anywhere on the web for the 'proper way' to create a theme for OSTicket without messing with core files? I mean is there a way like in Wordpress where your edited theme files go in a folder and you direct it via admin or something to this effect so when updates happen....?

2. My main challenge atm is styling the form tables on the client side pages (,,,, to where they would fit like an iphone/android screen but yet keep them a decent size for computer browsers. The table cells overlap the content div, so setting divs at 100% width is futile. I was thinking if I can get everything within a 500px div (not sure if this is the way to go as device sizes vary)..and/or possibly eliminate form element titles like "Subject:" (perhaps pre-fill the text areas and maybe get everything into one column), it might, for the most part achieve my goals for now, but identifying where the form elements are being controlled 'size wise' seems to be taking me all over the place...some in css pages (like redactor.css or theme.css), some in the php files. I think I'm just not looking at this the right way so any guidance/suggestions would be SUPER appreciated. 

3. What exactly does the term bootstrapper mean when talking about web based software like OSTicket? I'm interpreting it as meaning cutting everything down to the core functionality with minimal styling, but not really sure if I'm correct. Definitions on the web vary.

THANKS to the creators and maintainers of this software! it really is something special and what more could you want in the functionality of a ticket desk? I would say the greatest thing you are doing is making OSTIcket flexible to where it can grow with the company that uses it! And it's even fun to configure if you are a computer dork!! Just seeing email alerts arrive to the proper recipients got us jumping out of our chairs, high fiving lololol!!!!


  • 1. Nope.  But there is a plan to implement this in a future version.

    2. I do not actually see a question to answer. Currently yes they are probably all over.

    3. I don't really know how to answer that.  Most of the things in the osTicket bootstrap is a combination of logic and settings with zero formatting.

    It's nice to read things like that last paragraph. :)
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