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What to do about a support agent who does not investigate issues?

Hi I am a player on one of the games you guys represent. I have sent in a few support tickets on a particular issue and the agent does nothing but automatically close the ticket without investigation.. The agent makes it seem as if it is a burden to their job. Due to this particular agent lack of action on these issues, there are  players quitting the game in droves and a majority were long term money spending players. My attempt is not to get this person in trouble by no means because  if it was I would list the persons name.All I ask is how do I get this person to do what is right and do their job. I also want to mention that in return for submitting a ticket my account gets threatened for suspension which I found VERY insulting because I have spent hundreds of dollars on this game and it made me feel that I was the one doing wrong when all I am doing is trying to eliminate the cheaters in the game and have fair game play. 

I am only looking on suggestions on what to do but if the problem persists I will try and seek higher council.


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    We do not represent any games.  We are an open source community based around the Open Source Software osTicket, which is a trouble ticket system.  If you are having a problem with a support agent for a game, you should be contacting the company that publishes the game.  We are not them.
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