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Responding to Ticket Notifications

In the past, I used a support ticketing system by OSICodes.  Apparently that software is gone now.  That system allowed me, as the staff member of a support department, to respond to e-mail ticket notifications which would go back to the support e-mail address, log the message into the ticket as a response, and notify the original creator of the ticket (who created it via e-mail.)

It doesn't appear that replying to notifications in osTicket is designed to work the same way.

What I don't want to do is login to a ticketing system every time I want to reply to a ticket.

Another problem I have is the way ticketing systems handle really messy signatures and threading.  How does osTicket compare?


  • The only question I actually see is:

    Q: How does osTicket compare?

    osTicket does not attach the staff signature to the ticket threads (but does to out going emails, if you set it to).
    Most of my clients (read: staff) use the web interface for opening tickets, so I cannot really speak for how well it does at removing signatures of incoming emails. (although I think it is fine if it doesn't since often times additional contact information will be in the signatures)
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