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Best way to upgrade

I've an old 1.6.2 OSticket installation and I'd like to upgrade to the latest release.

Could someone tell me which is the best way to upgrade? i've also SSH access to the server if it's needed...

Many thanks!


  • I think that the latest version fixes the bug that people were encountering going from 1.6 to 1.8.x.  But prior to that it was safest to go from 1.6 to 1.7.x, then to 1.8.x. Read this article for a general over view of how and what to do:

    Having SSH access means if you are comfortable running commands at a command prompt that you could skip download and uploading and simply grab the file from the server (presuming that you have wget), unpack it, etc.

    If you have any specific questions please feel free to ask here, and I will respond when I see it.

  • Practically that way I upload the .zip, unpack replacing the files and start the upgrade. You say that I've to do this first with 1.7.2 and after with 1.8.x, it's correct?
  • Yes.  Make sure that you perform a back up first (of the site and database).  If you want to be really safe do one also after you upgrade to 1.7.x.
  • Ok thanks I'll let you know...
  • How did you make out with this?
  • I've tried to install a new instance but it's a lot of work so I think I'll upgrade asap... I'll surely let you know...
  • I've downloaded and replaced all the files in the previous installation just to have this big problem here

    The upgrader does NOT support upgrading from the current patch [33ca08b382d8284d20edafc08e2efd87]!

    What can I do now?
  • Also I've this problem

  • Tried to decompress 1.8.1 over the previous one and this is the error. Please note that I've installed an italian version of OST. Don't know if this interfere with the upgrade process...

    I'm locked now. Can you help asap please?

  • I'll not risk anymore to update. I'd like to know what could happen if I connect a new OT installation with the old database. Is it possible?
  • You're problem is probably stemming from the fact that you are running an Italian version of osTicket that was not released by You would definitely want to make a back up of your database before you tried to do something like that. 
  • I've restored the backup after that so now I'm going through a new install to avoid problems in the future...
  • So should I close this thread then?
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