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Extract/filter email contents before create/update ticket

Have recently adopted osticket in the company and it has been very much welcomed so far.

The create/update ticket via email feature really ease the support's job however when customer/support is replying the ticket via email, we notice the entire email is posted as an update in the ticket thread.

Will like to find out if there is any way for us to configure or advise the php source responsible for ticket create/update via email so we can extract or filter the email content before create/update a ticket.

Running on osticket v. hosted in a vm with debian.



  • I'm sorry but I am not sure what you are trying to ask.  Please try asking your question in a different way.
  • Hi ntozier,
    Thanks for the reply.

    I guess it is easier to explain with pictures.

    With reference to the attached, is it possible for me to just extract the highlighted from the email and update the ticket with it?


  • Are you getting that by replying to an email generated by the ticket system?  It seems to me that the system should remove things based on your setting.

    Look at Admin panel -> Settings -> Emails
    Strip Quoted Reply: and Reply Separator Tag:

    The system should strip everything after the reply separator tag.
  • Hi ntozier,
    Thanks for pointing that out.

    The separator tag appears right after the email header, any chance to populate it before the email header?
    (Ref. attached)

  • The only way that a user could put it at your desired location would be to type it in themself.
    Everything under the divider line is quoted material.
  • Thanks ntozier.

    Great help!
  • Glad to be of assistance.  I'm going to close this thread, but please feel free to start a new thread if you have another question.
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