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Ticket Assignment Alert - osticket 1.8.2

The Ticket Assignment Alert does not give any email or response to staff members and the person who opened the ticket.
Are there any solution about please?

Spanish ------------------------------------------------

La asignación de entradas Alerta no da ningún correo electrónico o respuesta a los miembros del personal y de la persona que abrió el billete.
¿Hay alguna solución sobre por favor?


  • Hello there time traveller!  Please tell me when 1.8.2 is going to be released?  I'm really looking forward to it.  :)

    Seriously though, there is no 1.8.2... There is a and a  Which version are you actually running?  Please help us to help you by reading and following the posting guidelines located in this thread: Please read before requesting assistance.  The more information you give us the better we will be able to assist you. Thank you.
  • Sorry I have this version osTicket Core, v1.8.1.2
  • You are the only person that I am aware of that has reported this issue with  It's my understanding that this version actually was released quickly because of that very issue and resolves it. 

    Please consult your email server logs (to see if they are being sent), ad php error logs ot see if you can find us an error.  Also providing us with some additional information about your setup may be helpful as outlined in: Please read before requesting assistance.
  • For example this my configuration about Ticket Assignment Alert. The all options are enabled

    Ticket Assignment Alert:

    Status:   Enable    Disable     

    Assigned Staff
    Team Lead (On team assignment)
    Team Members (spammy)

    When the ticket is Assigned a any person to staff. The email arrives at the person whom is assigned the ticket but not a the person who opened the ticket, Is this correct or not?

  • Assignment alerts are sent to the three possibilities that you listed:
    Assigned Staff
    Team Lead (On team assignment)
    Team Members (spammy)

    Ticket opener is not one of those options. So yes, that is correct and intentional.
  • I think Something happened with my configuration because I have received all alerts a except the last that I just comment. I had this issue with  the past version OSTICKET 1.8.1. I dont know if is problema with the template or something like that  or is something bad in my configuration. I would like to resolve this  beacause I need to follow and to present this program a my boss.
  • any update or solution please?
  • Update or solution to what? 
    Emails are not sent to the person that opened the ticket when its assigned to someone new.
  • thank very much
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