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Remote Dekstop


Currently I'm working on Remote Dekstop (rdp) session using for LAN Remote Session. I like to add it on Admin Panel. So, admin can remote if needed to solve ticket immediately. 

p/s: only for internal helpdesk.


  • Generally speaking web browsers are sandboxed to prevent this sort of system file execution.  It would after all be a huge security hole to allow web pages to run file locally.  That being said this is not something that I personally can help you with but I think that I can point you in the direction of how to achieve it:

  • thanks ntozier..

    i agree with you. this would be a huge security hole. security will take first place in my project.

    thanks for the articles sharing. this could be much help. i will go through that..
  • hi all,

    This is my first version of remote mod. I did this in osTicket .

    Remote Section:-
    1- Host List
    2- Add Host

    Click on IP link will download .rdp file base on Ip. I also work on VBscript and Batch for client allow inbound connection through firewall. 

    I also planning to add teamviewer and vnc as option remote in next version. Any idea is welcome.

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