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edited March 2014 in General Discussions
Hello there.....i have 3 problems that i want to ask you.
1: what is the diference between " groups" and "team" ?? because i dont see any diference.....i have to add same person first time to groups...and then second time to team....or ??? can someone explain me plz ...

2: if i will use this osticket in my company and i want them to host the service for me is it posible ? and for what price ?...or is it better to install osticket here on a local machine and make it server ?

3: after i finish a task that someone give it to i close the ticket to make it as finish ??

ps. my first post...hope to post it in the right place :)


  • It sounds like you're trying to make a more informed decision prior to installing and setting up osTicket based on your questions.  So I'm going to move this thread to the General Discussion section.  I've tried to answer your questions in a logical methodical way below, but please feel free to ask more questions if you do not feel my answer is clear enough.

    1: Groups are security groups.  It controls access to the functionality on the back end of osTicket (assign tickets, delete tickets, view dashboard, etc).  Teams are cross department organizational units that allow its members to access tickets in the unit with out being a member of the Department that the ticket is assigned to.

    2.  three questions asked, answers in order below:
    A. Yes its possible. 
    B. The price is dependent on the level you want. (see
    C. Only you can answer that question. If you have the in house staff with the necessary skill set to install, troubleshoot, and perform maintenance on your web/osticket server then in house might be a good choice for you.  If you want a support contract and have a small amount of users then the hosted version is a good choice for you.

    3. There are a couple ways to close tickets.
    When updating a ticket you can tick the "Close on reply" before hitting "Post Reply"
    While viewing a ticket you can click the close button in the upper right hand corner.
    In the open ticket / My Ticket list view you can tick the check box to the left of the ticket and click Close at the bottom of the screen.

  • O thanks a lot.....i finaly find out how to close tickets.  For question 2.....if my company have like 50-70
    employee that can acces a pc and post a ticket.....what whould u do ?? host it on your server....or host it here on a local pc ??

    i have a few more questions but i need a little more time to try to test them by myself...and i replay u after....
  • edited March 2014

    u see in this picture ??? why i cant see that button ??? its a test conversation anyway.... ????
  • i find the problem......ty
  • Q: if my company have like 50-70 employee that can acces a pc and post a ticket.....what whould u do ??

    A: How many people would you have actually answering tickets?  How many people opening tickets doesn't affect the cost, its how many staff you have answering that incurs a cost. Once I know that I can calculate the costs and put it into better perspective for you.

    Q: u see in this picture ??? why i cant see that button ??? its a test conversation anyway.... ????

    A: I would guess that your account in osT doesn't have permission to close tickets.  Go to Admin panel -> Staff -> Staff -> Groups -> your accounts group and make sure that "Can Close Tickets" is enabled.
  • Well i find the admin panel and how to close my tickets.......

    Abount the 1 boss wants every ppl in the company to post and answer i think all of i sad ...lets say 60 ppl can post tickets. So what will be the cost from my company if we host this osticket service on your cloud ? per month i guess.....
  • According to
    The base version is $9/agent.  If you have 60 agents (Agents are defined as your support people) then 60*$9 is $540.  To clarify a little anyone can post a ticket and update their own ticket with out being an agent.  They may have a bulk agent discount of some sort, I honestly have no idea you would want to talk to them directly. :)
  • Aha thanks.

    One more question please.
    I manage to create a database on your cloud with my company( agents , departaments , staff, groups) ....but i see the cost is a little high, so i want to host the service on a local server here . Is there a way to export the database that i created so far to put it here ? will take to much time for me to create again all departamants and agents....etc ????
  • I have no idea.  I do not work for  You would have to ask them.
  • edited March 2014
    Hy again......i really dont understand something.....can u tell me what is this page ???

    when i want to add a new tell me to add a user....but i added all my agents in the database and still he cant find any of my agents...
  • You appear to be confusing Users/Clients and Staff/Agents.
    Tickets are generally meant to be opened by Users/Clients.
    Users/Clients are not Staff/Agents.
    They are separate.
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