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How to tie an email to a ticket?

edited March 2014 in General Discussions
Today I'm trying to find out how to tie an email address to a ticket, so when comes a new email from, say, it goes to the same ticket # already created on the first email arrival.

For what I can see, I don't believe that it can be done at the "Ticket Filters" interface, so I imagen I need to mod something.

I believe that the email receive logic is at class.tharead.php:808 but I'm not sure there is the best place to mess with.

Maybe would be best to bump the "Ticket Filter" features? (But than I would need to find where they are!)

Somebody have some thoughts about that? Any help is apreciated.



  • This is already baked in.  osTicket uses the embedded message-id tag in emails to determines if an email belongs to an existing ticket thread.  If it doesn't find a match then a new ticket is generated. 
  • edited March 2014

    That I know, but if the message came with a different message-id and no ticket # at the subject, I would like to tie the message by the costumer e-mail (as a third lookup).
    It is not for everyone, it's a special case the I expect to act only for a specific e-mail domain.

    Make sence now?

    Thank you
  • There is no way to do that at this time.  You would have to alter the source... and I'm not even sure where or how you would manage it.  Unless maybe you use their email address and just add the email to their more recently opened ticket.

    We handle this internally by having IT staff simply copy and paste the email into the ticket.  It doesn't happen here often enough for us to spend time developing a feature like this.  Maybe your case is different though. :)
  • edited March 2014
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure I need to alter the source. And that is exactly what I need, to add the email message to the more recent opened ticket (from this same email) or create a new ticket with it.

    I'm very new to OsTicket, so I'm not sure how it handle stuff and this lack of understanding about the flux makes it more difficult to find the code related.

    As I said before, I believe I can just tap into the loop around the line 808 of class.tharead.php, that is where it looks for a e-mail arriving, grabs its message-id and looks for a open ticket to tie-in. But I was imagem that if I find where OsTicket applies the "Ticket Filter" rules, maybe it would be a better place to add what I need, as a rule. But I'm not even sure about that assumption too.

    While I'm trying to understand it here and try to find the related code, if you have any thoughts I'm all in to read. :)

    Thank you
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