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Team / Group Layout

So I've been running osTicket for a while, pre-1.7 for sure. In 1.6, I had a fairly nice setup for my groups to allow the correct permissions and things, but with the introduction of teams, I'm a little confused. Could someone give me some advice on how to design it, details below.

So in my organisation, I have two main groups. Customer Support and Technical Staff. Our customer support staff are split into two teams, each with their own supervisors/managers who report to the head of department. Now this is where it starts to get a bit more complicated. We also have our HR, sales and billing handled through the same osTicket install. Currently these teams have no dedicated staff, and the role is covered by the department head of the technical staff. The head of customer support also does a fair amount of the developer work as well so should be able to see the technical tickets and HR tickets as well.

As for permissions over tickets. Only department heads and supervisors should be able to delete tickets, anyone can ban an email address.

I think that's all? I'm not sure what I'm doing in the new release so any help would be much appreciated.


  • So I honestly am going to pull a TLDR on you.  I think that if you upgrade that you should be fine.  Teams were introduced to give staff a way to spawn departments.  If things are working how you have them setup now and you are happy with it, I do not think that anything will change by upgrading. (unless you did some source editing to get your setup to work...)

    To confuse you even more, it sounds like osTicket is going to be changing the whole department/group/team thing in the near futre and replacing it with a role based system.  If you really need for me to read your post and reply in a more meaningful way just let me know. (sorry today is hectic and I'm trying to save myself some time where I can)
  • I'm already in 1.8, I just had to create a team or something to get osTicket to stop screaming at me whenever I tried to change a staff related setting. If the near future is the near future (not like a 1.7 release wait) then that's fine, I'll avoid any major changes until then.
  • It will not be like the 1.6ST -> 1.7ST wait.  If it was going to be that long... I'd personally have to fly down to LA and kick Peter in the shins. ;)

    I think that we have one team setup in my primary implementation.  It has everyone in it. (Note there are only three staff in my primary installation)
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