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Using a filter, how do I "Reject Ticket" on an unsolicited email but still send a sensible reply?

Hi, I have set up a very simple filter which looks for "[#" (the prefix to any ticket number) in the subject and if it isnt there it will automatically reject the email.

That is OK, but really I want to Reject Ticket (delete it never see it again, never bother any staff etc) and send something back like:
"This is an unmonitored email address, please visit fill in the web form if you need any assistance"

This  filter blocks out all unwanted spam but also lazy customers who are aware of the email address and just try to send in unstructured support requests!


  • What I'm currently doing is sending an auto reply without any ticket information (so they don't look for the original or expect any contact on that basis) then auto assigning the ticket with low priority into a dummy department without anyone assigned to the department.

    The problem there is that somebody has to visit that department every once in a while to delete the accumulated tickets.

    This must be a common requirement and frankly my "solution" sucks!
  • Update on this one.....Thinking about the problem, I'm sending these auto responses to avoid being flooded with Spam.

    But a follow on problem is that the emails get sent to fictional email senders, meaning my spam score goes up and my deliverability goes down.

    So I have decided to simply filter for emails without the "[#" in the subject and then reject them without a response.

    So now the problem is that every time an email gets caught and rejected by that filter I get an email from OSTIcket saying "Ticket Denied". I'm being flooded by those notifications.

    Is there any way to turn them off?
  • Yes, but I wouldn't recommend doing it.

    Admin panel -> Settings -> Alerts & Notices -> System Alerts
  • This idea is a partial solution, and should cut down on your SPAM..

    Perhaps, if feasible create a "dmz" email account at gmail. Pull all emails from your into a gmail account, google will catch 99% of spam, the real customers and the lazy ones will get through. I think? Maybe gmail wont spam filter pop pulled emails. Worth a shot though, and that will remove your spam and assist in your SPAM score.

    Assuming that works, now you just have customers you want to assist [#
    And those that don't.

  • osTicket then polls the gmail account.
  • Hi, scatterbrain,
    I was browsing for a very similar issue, and like your idea of rejection with no auto-response.

    Question about, "So I have decided to simply filter for emails without the "[#" in the subject and then reject them without a response."

    I cannot get Subject in the Filters choice. How do you do that? I see the Reply-To's and Addressee. What are you doing to select Subject as a criteria?

  • bbailie, my apologies for not seeing your message earlier.

    I'm sure you have already solved it but thought I would reply just for completeness. I'm using version 1.7 so keep that in mind.

    I use the function "Manage>Ticket Filters" then in Filter Rules you have a drop down which allows you to match on name, email, subject and body/text. Then I use "does not contain" and the text match of "[#".

    It does seem to work pretty solution regarding all the Ticket Denied notifications was to set up a rule on my email client and delete them automatically!

    Hope that helps someone, even if not yourself!

    Best Regards,

  • I'm confused by this. Where does the "[#" come from?


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