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Server migration

Hi to all,
is the first time for me on the forum, but I hope I'll use osTicket for a long time.
I've a serious problem with the migration of ost to a new server.
I've developed a new web site for my custonmers, so in the old web site the old webdesigner installed OST so he told me that is very easy transfer OST from the old server to my server, he told, you must copy the OST dir in to your home dir.
Perhaps he is too optimistic or clever :)
Infact my server have all requirements like MSQLi an php libraries, and I've installed regulary a copy of OTS 1.7.7.  
So now I need recover the old instalation of OTS with all customization but I am doubtful about how to proceed.

can someone give me directions?
Many thanks in advance for your help.


  • You will need to export your database from the old installation, and import it into the new one.  How to do this varies greatly by the tools your hosting provider provides for you.  You're best bet would be to contact your web host and ask them what tools they offer and how to do it.  If you need more direction that that please feel free to reply again to this thread and I will write a longer response.

    if you know what tools your host provides (such as phpMyAdmin) you can google instructions for said tool with

    "how to back up and move a mysql database using" and then tool name.
  • Hi ntozier,
    thanks for your prompt reply.
    Of course I need of the backup of the old DB for import it in the new. I'm receiving it  now. I's not a problem because I've a root profile for my server, then with phpMyAdmin I can import the tables from the  old DB to the new.
    My doubt is regarding the customizations in the OTS. How I can recover the customization of the files ?
    Is possible copy the old files on the new installation? of course of the same version that in this case is 1.7.3  .
    Or if I import  the old DB, then the old files copied in my server will be start  work?
    What is the file where I can change the pointing to the DB?
  • If you copy the current site to the new and the current db to the new, yes it should work.
    If you need to change the DB settings they are located in the /include/ost-config.php.  (it could also be ostconfig.php and settings.php depending on the version you started with.)
  • Morning nozier,
    many thank for your clear and risolutive reply.
    I've import the DB, changed the pointing to the database in the ost-config.php files and now all working very well.

    Have a nice day
  • Fantastic @Bau65!  I'll close this thread since your resolved.  Please feel free to post again if you have another question/comment/concern/etc. :)
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