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Help create an osTicket installer for use with XAMPP

edited March 2014 in General Discussions
Hi All,
While installing XAMPP to create a demo version of osTicket to dazzle a few decision makers I noticed an ad for "Bitnami", a software packager to install webapps like Wordpress and Joomla onto your local machine. I wonder is there one for osTicket?!

Not yet. But vote here and there may soon well be!


I'm not affiliated with bitnami.. it just looks COOL!!


  • FYI: moved thread to General Discussion, as this is not "installation and setup help".

    As a side note [personally] I really do not like 3rd party installers like this.  They are decent for non-technical folk.. but over all its not a installation style that we support.  There are two official ways to install osT, manually and via github. 
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