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Modified Closed Tickets List

On clicking "Closed Tickets" anchor which shows all closed tickets; it shows some 2 million tickets and takes too much time to load. I want to add a date clause to select query when the "status=closed" is passed in URL. Can you tell me how can I add this date clause when searching closed tickets.

I have OSTicket 1.7


  • edited March 2014
    Hi uzairjamal,

    I have not looked at 1.7 code recently, but if I remember correctly the sql statement is fairly similar to that of 1.8.  In the include directory/staff/ you would want to modify the sql statement and either add the data clause to the $qwhere variable or add a LIMIT of X (possibly 100 or 1000 tickets) when the ticket.status='closed' (simple if statement).

    Hope this helps

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  • Thanks a lot Andy, it worked out fine.
    Thanks for pin pointing the include file and the great tip :p
    worked out like a charm.
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