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How Can I Recover SQL Database?

Is there any idea which can recover damage sql database, please recommend?


  • edited March 2014
    Yes, you can try DBCC CHECKDB Command to fix & repair your sql mdf file. In case, these commands do not work properly then you may go for a third party tool, one such tool SQL Recovery to recover SQL Server database. Read more about this tool www dot repair-sql dot net/
  • You have pretty much three choices.
    1. restore from backup
    2. run the MySQL DB repair routines. Here is a tutorial that I just found via google:
    3. user a 3rd party solution.
  • edited March 2014
    Many solutions are available but the users need satisfaction which gives desirable result and should be 100% accurate. This recovery job is not easily solve by  T-SQL script hence it better to use SQL repair tool  to recover corrupt SQL database or suspect SQL database. Must read how to recover SQL database from here : www dot sqlrepairtool dot org
  • I have removed the links to both of the pages as I believe that they are both links to the same commercial tool (and multiple pages representing the same company.  aka systools).  i.e. they have been removed due to being suspected spam for commercial software.  I have left the URLs in a human readable form so anyone reading this will still be able go to the sites if they really want to.
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