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'hidden users' to staff

Hi there,

running osticket version here.

As our webshop works with different dropshipment suppliers (Who I dont want to be in contact with each other) I wondered if it was possible to create user (staff / teams/ groups/ or departments) that are not visible to other staff.

The idea is that there will be an admin assigning the tickets to different staffs, and they can only assign the ticket back with their answer to the admin. They will not be able to see other staff  when re-assigning their tickets.

I hope I am clear. Does anyone know if this is possible?



  • I don't think that there is a way to do what your asking.  Or at least I can't think of a way right this minute.
  • Hey there gcbv,

    Just throwing out an idea as I agree with ntozier that there isn't a way to do exactly what you want.

    First, to address the different suppliers, you could create staff accounts, add them to the "suppliers" group, and deny the option to transfer/assign tickets.
    With that, you could install the ticket status mod.  This would allow you to create a status that suppliers would be able to change so that the admin would be able to know when the supplier is done.

    For example, the admin assigns ticket Z to supplier Y.  Supplier Y does everything he needs to with the ticket, and when he is completed, he changes the status of ticket Z to "Complete".  The admin, when looking at the overview of tickets, then sees that ticket Z's status is "Complete" and does whatever she needs to do.

    I hope that makes sense.  You can take a look at the status mod here:

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