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Auto assigning ticket to a team using email piping

I'm running v and only use email piping to generate tickets. I don't use the support center. The setup has multiple departments, and each of them has a separate email address through which tickets come. How can I create a filter which automatically assigns tickets to a team (or department) depending on which email address the email was originally sent to?

For example: Departments - A, B, C get emails from, and I want all tickets that came through to be automatically assigned to department A (or team A. I will create teams if necessary).


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    Hi there!

    If I've correctly understood your request, and these options are available in your system as in, please give this a try:

    1a. Log on SCP as the administrator.
    1b. Make sure the desired Teams are created and populated by staff (Admin panel -> Staff -> Teams

    2a. Open the Admin panel -> Manage -> Help Topics
    2b. Open the department -> set "Auto-assign To:" to correct Team.
    Repeat step 2b for each department.

    Result: All support-requests coming to your system, either from e-mail or the web form, will be assigned to the correct Team based off each Departments assigned e-mailaddress.

  • I regret to inform this, but I may have been jumping to conclusions.

    As the solution I I provided earlier works with autoassigning tickets from the Web-form, I does not autoassign tickets coming in from e-mail. I also need this to work. Anyone who can help me shed some light on this, please contribute.

  • Here is what I would do.

    I would setup separate departments for each email address that people are going to send to.
    Then setup each email in osticket (with separate email settings at Admin panel -> Emails).
    This same location has a drop down called: New Ticket Dept.  Set that to the department that you setup for the email address, all tickets sent to that address should now be assigned to that department.

    Teams convoluted things a little.  But they are used to share access to multiple departments (in case you have people that need access to multiple departments).
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    Thank you for this input, ntozier.

    However, this post, in which you've also provided the answer, made it work for me.

    I simply made one ticket filter rule that automatically assigns incoming support requests to our preferred team (called "1. Linje helpdesk"):
    Filter Name: "Auto-assign ticket from email"
    Execution order: 1
    Filter status: active
    Target: Emails

    Filter Rules
    Match Any
    Email - Ends With - ""

    Filter Actions
    Auto-assign To: "1. Linje Helpdesk"
    everything else is in this filter is left to default values.
    Reason for the "" filter match is that the zxy-value (as in may vary.

  • Gotta love when I that happens. :)

    So you're all set then?
  • Thanks for the super quick updates it-panda and ntozier!

    My ticket filter setup was quite similar to what you've mentioned except for 2 things:

    1. For some reason I had set the execution order to 2 and just kept overlooking it ever since I set it up. This is what was preventing the filter from running.

    2. I was assuming that the email in the filter rules would have to be the department email.

    I set the execution order to 1 and changed the email setting to 'ends with It works like a charm now!
  • Ok, my bad. I just noticed that with the above mentioned setup, all incoming tickets are now being assigned to the team mentioned in the filter regardless of the department.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?
  • Once tickets find a matching rule it stops checking.
    There is no Team option in filters....  So now I'm confused by what you mean.

    I beleive that it-panda's response should handle your use case. i.e. Do this for each email:

    Admin panel -> Manage -> Ticket Filters
    Target: Any
    Filter Rules:
    Addressee (To and CC) --- Contains --- email@domain.tld

    Department -> department you want it added to.
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