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Search has stopped working on our osticket ver 1.6 ST

We recently moved. But, I'm not certain how that could have anything to do with this.
I am able to login. So, that part of the MySql DB is working.
Once logged in. I can click on Answered or Closed ticket link and BROWSE the support tickets.
I can also view the details on a ticket.
But, the Search does not work at all.
And this to me, is the most important feature.

Has anyone seen this before? Or can someone tell me where to start the troubleshooting?
I searched in the forum and did not find anything. But, may not have used the right terms.

Please advise.
Thank you


  • Can you try from a different web browser? just in case..
  • Moving thread to 1.6 section of the forums.
    Are you getting any errors in your PHP error log?
  • I tried from a different browser. Still says, query returned "0" results.

    I did not see a php error log.
    So, I went into php.ini, added error_log = /var/log/php.log
    Logging is on.
    I restarted the Apache.
    Then tried another search.
    Still nothing.

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