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MySQL Database too large

Hi friends,

My MySQL database have one year, now, his size are 2789.58 MB 

Is this normal?

Are a big surprise for me


  • The size of your database can vary greatly based on a number of factors.
    The largest factor would be number of attachments and probably followed by number of tickets.
    So is it normal?  There is no way to really measure that.
    [You also haven't actually let us know which version you are running, and/or if you are using database or filesystem attachments.]
  • edited August 2014

    I'm agree with you, but now my database has 4,2 GB

    Warranty in Europe (EU) is 2 years, we need store this tickets support during 2 years, in 2 years database arrive to 10GB or more...

    Attached files is the problem, all  attached files are stored in mysql table (ost_file_chunk), this images are include in mysql database not in folder in server, I'm talking with mysql experts and they said "this is crazy "

    Finally if not arrive one solution maybe migrate to other ticket system, I love osticket, use from january 2013 but mysql with 10 GB size are impossible

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