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Exchange 2007 IMAP Polling

I am trying to poll emails from an exchange server on our local network. The OSTicket installation is on a virtualized centOS installation, seperate from the dedicated exchange machine on our server. Can I use the standardized cron job specified on the manual (cron log shows no errors, but tickets aren't being created.)? Or should I use the RCRON file since they are on different machines. I wasn't sure what was considered 'remote', since both machines are on the same network.


  • rcron.php is for when you cannot run cron on the webserver. Since you can, you should use the cron.php.
    If you have configured your email properly and you are running cron and not seeing emails getting picked up then you should be seeing an error somewhere (in the osTicket Admin panel -> Dash board -> System Log, or php error log, or the email servers auth logs, or in mysqls logs).  Since your running CentOS I feel inclined to ask if you are running selinux, as that regularly causes issues for people here.
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    I've been working on this all day. Basically fixed some issues with extensions and was able to run the cron from the command line (not rcron). Now I'm getting this 

     imap_open(): Couldn't open stream {}INBOX in /var/www/html/ticket/include/class.mailfetch.php on line 142

  • Have you disabled selinux?
    Have you granted permission for your server to connect to exchange? (You do this by setting up a receive connector at: Exchange Management Console -> Server Configuration -> Hub Transport -> Receive Connectors.)
  • I disabled selinux. I did grant permission, but for some reason I keep getting an error when the connector is enabled [CLOSED] IMAP connection broken (server response), but I can successfully connect when it is disabled. Attached are pictures of my connector settings image

  • Why would it allow me to connect with the connector disabled, but the exact opposite when enabled? 
  • I ended up fixing the issue. The exchange server only had MAPI ports open, not 993 and 995. We configured our router accordingly. Also we had an issue moving email from the inbox to a backup folder. The issue was because of a duplicate folder on the exchange account. When we issued a telnet command and searched the information of an email folder we received a duplicated folder error. We deleted the folder and that resulted in the script not giving us "No folder exists" error. Everything should be all set, we're just waiting on our webhost to unblock 993, 995 outgoing on their server. We installed this script locally and messed around with it. Great script, especially considering its free. Thanks for all the hard work!
  • Glad that you got it figured out. :)

    I'll go ahead and close this thread, but please feel free to start a new one (or PM me to reopen this one if it turns out to not be resolved).
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