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Extract Attachments to folder from Database

Hi ,

I am using OS Ticket for a small internal Helpdesk and have decided recently to use for another function.

  • We need to review certain log files.
  • I am emailing them from servers
  • A ticket is created.
  • We review the log , close the ticket with message reviewed.

However  - I have searched forums and cant seem to find out how we can extract the logs in their current format to a Folder on server. I have a need to call on the files again .

Any ideas apreciated. Will stay searching and post soln here if exists.



  • Hi ,

    I have figured out. I needed to list the files , then extract the file from "Blob" - I re-used -

    The code isnt using any security of the OST system  , but it does what I need at the moment.

    I will post code if any one interested.

  • Feel free to post the code... you never know when someone else will want to do that exact same thing. :)
  • Code attached. Remember - there is no security on this and no logic to check if chunks are split across different blobs on the mySQL DB.

    Also the List Files contains a where clause that you may need to change.

    Place both files in same folder on your Webserver.


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