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Editing Default Ticket Template

I know you can edit most of the default template but since our install will be used just for local users there is no need for the telephone field but there is no option to remove or hide this when editing the template, has anyone found a way of doing this as I don't want to take our new deployment live while users have to enter a phone number they dont have in order to log a ticket :)


  • Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms
  • Aha, I was focusing on the Ticket form and didnt realise that the contact info one was linked to it and used for the top part of that form!
  • :)

    So you're all set then?  (should I close this thread)
  • Yep, thats no problem, thanks for the help in finding my glasses (this old age thing sucks when you miss the really obvious menus :P )
  • Anytime NickC!  :) 

    Please feel free to post again if you have another question/comment/etc.
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