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Creating tickets via email

Hello, the ticketing system I use at work has a feature I find very useful. 
I can generate a ticket by sending an email to the ticketing system directly. example, any email sent to automatically generates a ticket with the subject of the email as the ticket subject of the ticket and the email body as the first worknote entry of the ticket.

Can OSTicket do this?


  • Peter's answer is of course correct. :)
  • You need to setup osticket cron. This works great.
  • Hi kevlab,

    For do that, you can do like me with step by step below:
    Go to Admin Pannel ->Setting --> Email-> Incoming Emails: 
    - Check on check box: Enable POP/IMAP polling and Poll on auto-cron
    Go to Emails -> Emails-> click on email you want to configure (like 
    And fill your mail server information like my attachment. and click save change after finish.

    You will see notice: Email updated successfully    that mean is OK.
    ****I have problem when configure email, my problem is hosting is not allow port of imcoming and outgoing email***

    For Outgoing Emails: Default email only applies to outgoing emails without SMTP setting.

    Default Outgoing Email: Choose email you want to default to send (like )


    Cao Thanh Tam from Vietnam

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