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Knowledge Base on front page

Is there any way of adding the knowledge base to the front ticket lodge page so that users can read help docs without having to log in? Hesk supports this.


  • If you have public FAQ/KB it will automatically display a link on the User landing page at the bottom.

    Admin panel -> Settings -> Knowledgebase -> "Enable Knowledge Base"
    Click "Save Changes".

    Staff panel -> Knowledgebase -> Categories
    "Add New Category"
    Follow the prompts and make a public category.
    Click on FAQS
    Click on Category you made.
    Click Add new FAQ
    Follow the prompts and make a public FAQ

    Once you have done that going to the user landing page will look something like this:

    note: the red arrows.
  • Excellent thank you
  • Very welcome. :)  I'm going to close this thread, but please feel free to start a new thread if you have another question./comment.etc.
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